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Health Coaching Testimonials

“Working with Alissa put my entire lifestyle into perspective one piece at a time. Her comprehensive approach to diet and lifestyle made me focus on how the food I was consuming was affecting my energy levels and moods. Before working with Alissa I was overwhelmed by stress, and experienced daily bouts of painful bloating, diarrhea, and fatigue. I hated being so young and having no energy. With Alissa’s guidance, I learned to be in tune with my body and its reaction to an unbalanced diet in conjunction with a demanding career. My interest in the program was based on my desire to feel better physically, and I can say with certainty that I absolutely do – as a result of Alissa’s help. My digestion has cleared, up, I have more energy, and a new job!”
Katie, 31, Lawyer
“I came to see Alissa because I was only 25 years old and was struggling to get pregnant. Although I thought I felt fine, besides being stressed and tired a lot, I knew my diet wasn’t very good and could be contributing. I used to drink five or more sodas per day, and had a steak and potatoes diet with lots of take out.
Alissa introduced me to new foods I had never heard of and gave me great and EASY recipes to try at home. We really liked the recipes and still make them today. I really liked that she took the time to walk me through a grocery store, pointing out good options to try and examples how to prepare them. Since I’m usually in a rush when grocery shopping, I never would have picked up a food I didn’t know.
But Alissa changed that- she introduced me to a whole new group of healthier options that became a “comfortable” item to add to my cart and cook at home! I credit my new diet to helping me get pregnant, and it really helped me have a healthy pregnancy. I’ve introduced my daughter to fruits and vegetables (both through breastfeeding and now in solids) in the first 6 months of her life that I didn’t try myself until I was 25! I met all the goals I had for myself by going to Alissa: I got pregnant, lost 7 lbs and improved my energy level – can’t ask for better than that!”
Lindsey, 25, Technology Professional
“I went to Alissa out of desperation when I was diagnosed with over thirty food allergies. There were so many common foods that I was not able to eat that I had a hard time figuring out what I could actually eat. It caused frustration, anger, and uncertainty for me. Alissa was a wonderful support system. She introduced me to foods that I had never eaten. Alissa gave me recipes to help in cooking these new foods as well. She gave me sanity in a difficult situation! I was eating healthfully and within my restricted diet. Working with Alissa made me feel like I wasn’t alone while dealing with my food allergies. I found wonderful new foods that I love (and my family loves too).”
Christy, 44, Teacher
“Alissa helped me transform the way I approach food by introducing me to a more mindful way of eating. I began seeing Alissa because I was concerned about my fluctuating weight and my ongoing frustration with eating, even though I was already active and ate a relatively healthy diet.
While working with Alissa I was able to move away from my previous frenzied way of eating. I used to try to limit my caloric intake to a bare minimum, until I would be starving and reaching for almost anything in sight by the end of the day. Alissa helped me to see that there was a much more enlightened approach to eating, by suggesting ways to incorporate more balanced and energizing meals throughout my day. She also suggested different philosophies to eating, which expanded my understanding of how I related to food.
Ultimately, as I reflect on my time with Alissa, I am even more appreciative of the changes we made. She helped me to turn a lifetime of bad eating habits into a healthy, sustainable, and mindful approach to eating. I will be forever grateful.”
Christina, 25, Lawyer
“I met Alissa Glenn, a holistic health counselor and founder of Eat Happy at a wellness workshop. We talked after the workshop and I sensed she could provide the guidance and support I needed to lift the fog in which I found myself. My first session with Alissa was like talking with a friend. It was easy because her vibe was honest and open. She asked questions, but was not intrusive. She asked questions that required me to honestly look at my circumstances and set short and long term goals.
Right away I was given steps to begin incorporating new whole grains and seasonings into my food rotation, and healthy snack ideas. She also suggested I get my girls involved in cooking, this was a great suggestion and I reaped the benefits instantly!
At each session we reviewed my progress, talked about my goals and any obstacles I’d encountered. I was given recommendations for restaurants, social activities, exercise tips and many helpful resources. We met in-person every other week which worked well with my schedule and off weeks she followed up via email. I discovered my social life was lacking and probably contributed to my feeling of stress. Alissa brought to the front my need to consider my primary food (relationships).
Since working with Alissa, meal planning is no longer stressful, I’m more focused, I plan more time for myself and my husband. My goals are definitely doable and I look forward to each day, its easier to get out of bed now, because I have more energy to give to my life.
Working with Alissa will give you a jump start or if you need a confident, knowledgeable, mentor to journey with you for the long haul she’d be the perfect companion. Either way she has the dedication to help you achieve your goals.”
Barbara, 52, Retired
“Working with Alissa revolutionized the way I take care of myself on a daily basis. When I first started working with Alissa, I wasn’t sick, I just didn’t feel “well.” I had some back and neck pain, my stomach would sometimes get thrown off, and my energy would wane. I tended to be impatient when it came to eating and didn’t plan ahead, so I didn’t cook anything that took longer than 5 minutes. I also worried about consuming enough vitamins and minerals.
That feels like a long time ago, because my life is so different now. Working with Alissa led me to think more deeply about the role food plays in my life. Now, I make a concerted effort to read labels and to buy local or organic fruits, vegetables and grains because I know it makes me feel good. After cooking with and eating fresh, local ingredients, I feel a lightness and a happiness I never knew could come from food before. Together we formed an integrative approach that works for me, because I have permission to “be bad” sometimes. But, I’m so enthusiastic for the new healthier foods that I’m their biggest cheerleader around my friends and colleagues.
Working with Alissa was a pleasure. Each time we met, the sessions felt tailored to where I was in the process, and I left each one with renewed energy and excitement. Alissa generously offered advice, and often, new foods or recipes to try that are now staples in my diet. She is extremely knowledgeable and provided great information about all of my questions. She listened compassionately when we talked about all the other stressors in my life and supported me at each milestone I made. My goals were her goals and she helped me reach them. Thanks to Alissa, I’m not just healthier, I feel happier, too.”
Allison, 32, Marketing Executive
“Before meeting Alissa I was frustrated with my health situation, and sorting through the quantities of information on my own was overwhelming. There is so much contradictory information out there. Alissa gave me valuable education that was relevant to my health concerns, which were related to digestion and fertility. Though we only worked together briefly, I now feel good and healthy, and rarely experience any of the troubles that were so regular before.”
Emily, 30, Social Worker

Corporate Testimonials

“Alissa has provided nutrition-related educational programming and tailored nutrition workshops to the specific needs of our clients. She customized her wonderfully interactive cooking demos to the same foods that we had access to at the time. She showed workshop attendees how to incorporate healthful foods into meals in ways that were both tasty AND healthy. The attendees thoroughly enjoyed her workshops. But then again, what people in their right minds wouldn’t leave happy with the taste of good food lingering in their mouths?”
Chris, Agency Education Coordinator for the Cleveland Foodbank
“Our company sponsored a workshop on the connection between Mood and Food with Alissa.  I was surprised about how many tips and suggestions there were that are easy to implement into everyday eating.  I was especially surprised about the information on sugar and artificial sweeteners.  Personally – I cut WAY down on my artificial sweeteners after hearing how it affects mood.  And, I’m eating more fresh foods to get the benefits they offer.  I would definitely recommend Alissa’s workshops!”
Jackie, Recovery Resources